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Let me tell your story

I know you have thousands of photos of your horse on your phone, and you can't resist buying a photo from every show you attend, but these images will be very different! This is about capturing YOUR unique relationship with your horse, where the love is for all to see. Think of me as your visual storyteller.

Once we have captured these moments, you will have them to cherish and look back on forever, so don't miss out.

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Memories to last a lifetime

The Collections

The portrait sessions are a fun and enjoyable experience, where you get to spend time with your horse, whilst I click away capturing moments of love shared between you both, we also have the flexibility to include some ridden shots if you wish.


One or two outfit changes are recommended , and I am on hand before and during the shoot for styling advice. 

Each image is individually edited with love and care, adding my own signature touch.

Collection 1


- A private online gallery

- The option to purchase images, and products for your home is available in A La Cart after your photoshoot. Please see the Product Guide page

- This collection is priced for one horse

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Collection 2


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- A private online gallery

-16" Frame with your favourite image professionally printed and mounted, a timeless artwork ready to be displayed in your home

- The same image will be included in a full resolution with personal print license, and a handy web size so you can share on social media with all your friends and family

- This collection is priced for one horse

- The option to purchase other images, and fine art for your home is available

Collection 3


Sometimes the words are not needed. A simple symbol of love is more than enough. 


- A luxurious ebony wood square keepsake box, with heart shaped holes that allow you a sneaky peek inside

- 15 of your chosen favourite images from the shoot on a USB stick, ready for you to print at your leisure, use online and keep safe forever

- To finish it off all your images are printed on 6x4 and displayed in the box

- This collection is ideal for 1-2 horses


This makes for a truly exquisite keepsake for yourself or gift for a loved one.

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Collection 4


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​The perfect heirloom has to be a beautifully handcrafted photo album.

- A beautiful navy faux suede album, soft, smooth, delicate and amazing to touch

- Personalised engraving of the cover making it truly bespoke. The engraving is in copper foil

- 20 of your images printed on Fuji Archive Silk Paper In Silver Halide Technology

- The same images choosen for the album will also be provided in a handy web size so you can share on social media with all your friends and family


This makes for the perfect keepsake for yourself or a gift for that special someone.


Do you have a loved ones birthday coming up, or stuck on a Christmas gift for that special someone? Well I have the perfect gift, a once in a lifetime photoshoot.


You are giving them:

Time spent making even more memories with their pet while I snap away with the camera

The excitement when they see their photos for the first time

The joy of choosing the best ones to show everyone and frame at home

Available from £50

Gift Vouchers are available all year round.

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Sophie's pictures seem to have that dream like quality, I hadn’t seen anything like her work before. She has an astounding ability to capture the souls of her subjects. Many of her shots can take your breath away with their beauty.


My promise to you is...

To capture the moments between the moments, the moments that no one else sees, creating deeply moving images for you.

Let's save the date!

Let's save a date to have your dream photoshoot, once it's in the diary you can start counting down the days.

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