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Is your dog your best friend?

If you answered YES you're in the right place, and you're my kind of person - a dog person!

There's something so special about the bond you share with your dog isn't there? It's a love like no other. They see the real you, they see you at your best, and they see you at your worst and they love you unconditionally no matter what. 

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The Collections

The portrait sessions are a fun and enjoyable experience, where you get to spend quality time with your dog whilst I click away capturing moments of love shared between you both, we also have the flexibility to include some individual and action shots if you wish.

My promise to you is that I won't care if your dog jumps up and makes me muddy or kisses smack bang on the lips. I'm a true dog lover, which is why I want YOU to have beautiful images of your dog.

Collection 1


- A private online gallery

- The option to purchase images, and fine art for your home is available after your shoot

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Collection 2


- A private online gallery

-16" Frame with your favourite image professionally printed and mounted, a timeless artwork ready to be displayed in your home.

- The same image will be included in a full resolution with personal print license, and a handy web size so you can share on social media with all your friends and family

- The option to purchase other images, and fine art for your home is available

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Highly Recommend Sophie! We have had two photoshoots to capture my growing puppy and have so many amazing photographs from both. Already planning for a third shoot with Sophie!


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3 things I do on a shoot to make sure your dog is happy.

1. Make it playful. Yes we will do some sit and stay for some poses, but it's important we mix it up by playing with your dog to keep it fun, perhaps a game of fetch/tug/chase and during this time I can capture some action shots for you.


2. Let the dog be a dog. Your dog doesn't understand it's a photoshoot, your dog is just having their walk, so we let them have a wander, sniff around, pee up a tree, just do dog things.


3. Look out for stress signals. Yawning, lip licking and turning head away are just a few signs I look out for. If I think your dog is stressed then we have a break, maybe some scatter feeding, walking or having a sniff to relax your dog.


My main priority is that your dog is happy, relaxed and having fun. 

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