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Let me tell your story

I know you have thousands of photos of your horse or dog on your phone, and you can't resist buying a photo from every show you attend, but let me tell you something - these images will be very different!

With my help, we can capture the essence of your unique relationship with your beloved horse or dog, in the beauty nature's landscape, where the love is for all to see.


Think of me as your visual storyteller; someone who will document every moment that highlights the bond between you and your best friend.

Once we have captured these moments together, they'll become cherished memories that you can look back on forever - so don't miss out!

Close up portrait photo of a lady and her horse by Sophie Lefevre Kent Equine Portrait Photographer

The Photoshoot 

Lady and her horse walking through an orchard of blossom trees by Sophie Lefevre Photography

As a professional photographer, the portrait sessions I offer for horses and dogs are not just about taking pictures. They are an opportunity to create lasting memories with your beloved horse.

During the shoot, we spend time together while I capture candid moments of love shared between you both. If desired, we can even include some ridden shots to showcase your bond in action.

To ensure that everything is perfect on camera, I'm here to provide styling advice before and during the session. One or two outfit changes are recommended so that you can show off different sides of your personality with your best friend at your side .

After the shoot each image is individually edited with my own signature touch - making sure that every detail shines through beautifully and authentically.

The collections offered include the photoshoot experience because they represent more than just a simple photo session; they're an investment in treasured memories that will last a lifetime!

The Collections

TRE HR-67.jpg

The Photoshoot Collection

- A photoshoot experience as above

with the option to purchase digitals, prints, frames and lots more after your shoot, please see the product guide page for what is available

- A free high resolution digital image of your choice is included. This image can be printed at your leisure for yourself & family, for online use and to keep safe forever


- This collection is limited to one horse, to include an additional horse the fee is £60




E&N HR-9 copy.jpg

The Keepsake Collection

Sometimes the words are not needed. A simple symbol of love is more than enough. 


- A luxurious ebony wood square keepsake box, with heart shaped holes that allow you a sneaky peek inside

- You get to choose 15 of your favourite images from the shoot. These are added to a USB stick, ready for you to print at your leisure, use online and keep safe forever

- To finish it off all your images are printed on 6x4 and displayed in the box. 

- This collection is ideal for 1-2 horses

This makes for a truly exquisite keepsake for yourself or gift for a loved one.



£585 (payment plans available upon request)

KUKI Instagram-109_edited.png

The Digital Collection

- You get to choose 5 of your favourite images as a high resolution digitals. These images can be printed at your leisure for yourself & family, for online use and to keep safe forever

- The option to add on extras after your shoot is available, please see the product guide


- This collection limited to one horse, to include an additional horse the fee is £60



£385 (payment plans available upon request)

YUM Instagram-48_edited.jpg

The Heirloom Collection

The perfect heirloom has to be a beautifully handcrafted photo album.


- A beautiful 10x10 faux suede album, soft, smooth, delicate and amazing to touch. Available in 18 colours

- Personalised engraving of the cover making it truly bespoke to you. The engraving is in an embossed copper, gold or silver foil of your choice

- You get to choose 20 of your favourite images from the shoot which will be printed on Fuji Archive Silk Paper In Silver Halide Technology (extra images can be added at £35 per Image)

- The same images choosen for the album will also be provided in a handy low resolution web size so you can share on social media with all your friends and family. The option to upgrade to High Resolution is available at a special rate fee.


- This collection is ideal for 1-2 horses



£785 (payment plans available upon request)

XMAS LR-1.jpg
DA LR-15.jpg

Gift Vouchers

TV HR-26 copy.jpg

Give them a gift that shows you care.

With this gift voucher, you're not only giving someone the chance to cherish beautiful images of their pets but also providing them with an experience they'll never forget. The excitement on their faces when they see the photos for the first time is priceless - it's like seeing an old friend after years apart! And then comes the joy of choosing which ones to frame at home or share with loved ones - it's so much fun reliving those moments over and over again.

So if you want to give someone a truly special present, consider gifting them a pet photography voucher - it's more than just a gift; it's an investment in happy memories and unforgettable experiences.

Gift Vouchers are available all year from just



Lady in a wedding dress and her white horse immortalising wedding memories by Sophie Lefevre Photography


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