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99% Unicorn

Meet Titan, who is 99% unicorn! Just look at that mane – he was born to model with that barnet! Amy has owned forteen year old Titan for three years. Titan, as you have most likely already guessed, is a PRE. He was bought over from Spain by the lady that Amy bought him from. They think he was used in bull fighting so it's lovely he now has a happy ending to what would have been an awful and scary life.

Titan loves hacking, he prefers ponies to horses and he loves an afternoon nap. I think Amy spends most of her time bathing him and plaiting his mane. 😀

Titan isn't just a pretty face, he has a job. Can you guess what it is? Yep, he is available for kids birthday parties as a unicorn. He has his horn put on his head, and then he meets all the kids down in the secret garden at the stables. How amazing is that, I'd have loved that as a little girl, it's such a lovely idea. Titan loves meeting all the children and Amy tells me he is so gentle and well behaved with them, it's like he knows he has to look after them. On the shoot he was the total opposite. Poor Amy got dragged around and he preferred modelling on his own, what a total diva! We couldn't not get gorgeous photos of this pair, they are both absolutely stunning!

Check out Titans page at Essex Unicorn Hire.


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