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Beach Shoot!

I met with Zoe the owner of Honest Riders a few weeks back now. I absolutely loved everything about this shoot, we had amazing weather, a beach, wedding dress and a horse! I was beyond excited!

Jester is fifteen years old, and very special, as he was bred by Zoe's Mum so has been with Zoe his whole life. He wasn't originally bred for dressage but he and Zoe are doing amazingly well climbing up the levels, and he is out competing at Inter 1.

This was Jester's first time at the beach, and on the horse box he was a quivering wreak bless him. But as soon as we got Zoe on board he was off passaging his way down the beach.

We did have one scary moment when he spotted a paddle boarder. Instead of running inland he ran out to sea, with Zoe aboard in a wedding dress. Thought she was going for a swim at one point. Well sat Zoe!

Jester was so well behaved, the dress stayed in tact other than getting dirty, and Zoes toes stayed in one piece. ;)

Thank you for being my first beach shoot Zoe, I'm in love with these photos, they are beyond my expectations.


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