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Cute Ponies

Thirteen year old Kate has two of the cutest little ponies ever! They are both section B’s. Gwithian Master Harry is the liver chestnut, he was originally bought for Mum two years ago but Kate has very cleverly stolen the ride. 😉 Eleven year old Harry is just the sweetest little pony. Kate competes in Show Hunter Pony classes and Side Saddle Equitation and Concours d'elegance. He even turned his hoof to dressage this year and did amazingly well. He really is a pony who can do anything. Harry was such a sweetheart on the shoot, he was so cuddly with Kate and just wanted to close his eyes and go to sleep on her. There’s a really lovely bond between them.

Then there was the barbie pony, Laithehill Flute. Flute is just seven years old, and his nickname around the stables is Curious George, as he is literally into everything, just like a toddler. He thinks it's hilarious to show his teeth and annoy Harry! Flute was certainly the comedian of the shoot, but no one can resist that little face! Flute is quite a little clever clogs too, Kate rides him in British Dressage Youth teams at Novice level and Mountain and Moorland Showing classes.

I had such trouble deciding which ones to upload for this blog as there was so many cute ones to choose from, so you will all be seeing more overtime. Who can resist two cute ponies?!


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