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Four most common equine photoshoot worries

1. My horse won't behave or stand still for a photo shoot

You’re right, not many, if any horses want to stand still and have their photo taken, and that's perfectly acceptable. We have to remember they are horses, not models, and asking them to stand in a field of lush grass without wanting to eat any is a pretty big ask. Just make sure they have a full tummy beforehand. I'm very patient and we can take breaks as often as needed. 

2. I don't like having my photo taken

Totally agree as nor do I, but this shoot is all about your horse, and you will be surprised how much more comfortable you will be in font of the camera just having your horse with you. I never have clients looking directly at the camera either, so that instantly puts people at ease, and sometimes your face isn't even in the image. The best part is I know all the flattering angles, and perfect light, to give you a gorgeous dewy glow. ;)

"Most things in life are a moment of pleasure and a lifetime of embarrassment; Photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure" Tony Benn

3. I don't like posing

Perfect! All my photography is very natural, and focuses on capturing the love, trust and harmony between you and your horse. The shoot is very relaxed and informal. I will give you direction along the way, whilst generally chattaring away to you. You will hardly notice I'm taking photos.

4. What if my horse doesn't put his ears forward

Clients stress over this so much, when there really is no need to. My composition of photos doesn't often even have the ears in, as I like very close images to capture the emotion, and sometimes you don't actually want the ears forward and alert, you want a relaxed ear and soft eye to show harmony between you. The ears will always flick forward at some point, and I'm like the speed of light on my shutter button, so don't stress and just keep smiling.


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