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Here we first blog!

Hi everyone. I've taken the plunge and decided to commit myself to writing a weekly blog (eeeekkk the pressure!).  It makes sense though, as I love writing and I love taking photos, so surely it's a win win! Plus it gives you guys a chance to get to know me a little better. My blog will be a mixture of photography, what I've been up to, and will obviously include Mr P (the retired hamster, who spends all my wages).

One of my favourite images this month so far is from Juliet and her Halflinger, Vienna's shoot. I'm a little bit in love with this shot, as I feel it tells a story. I always aim to have an almost romantic, emotional feel to my photos and it's a great feeling when it comes across in the image in the way I envisioned it.

I started the month meeting Kylie from Equestrian performance who I am sponsoring, Kylie is an equine physiotherapist who really knows her stuff and is a fountain of knowledge. We had a lovely day with Steve and Jo from Allen performance horses, where Kylie was treating the utterly gorgeous Comico, who I immediately fell in love with. I have a weakness for horses that resemble unicorns, and Comico was just that.

I have spent most of this month sat at my computer, getting brain ache from building my website again from scratch. Not a fun task, as I'd rather be out and about, but it's finally done and I love it. So please do feel free to check it out. There’s a subscription page where you can get exclusive special offers! ;) sophielefevrephotography

Through all the rain, I managed to make it to Essex to photograph Paula and her horse Pumpkin. I absolutely love this photo from the shoot! So much love.

Mr P is is rapidly shedding his winter coat, into his new sexy, summer attire, and he's finally lost the beard, which he just wasn't man enough to pull off! So I'm currently finding white hairs over everything and the yard looks like Winter Wonderland! Tip of the week - never brush a shedding horse with lip gloss on, it's not a good look for anyone!

On a final note, this image of Jess and her horse Leo, achived a Bronze Award in the Guild of Professional Photographers Image of the Month competition, which typically attracts over a 1000 entries every month! Woop Woop, I was super happy as it's the first time I entered. Of course, I did have a nice G&T or two to celebrate, be rude not to! 


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