• Sophie Lefevre

Imogen and Bizz

Let me introduce Imogen and her pony Bizz. This shoot was a little different, as I was actually there to photograph Imogen's sister, Emily, for a personal project (ballet), but when I found out Emily had a sister with a pony I just had to get her involved. 😀

Imogen has owned Bizz for four years. He was originally her sister Emily’s, but Imogen has taken over the ride. 

Bizz is a nine year old Connemara. The pair do Eventing, and Buzz absolutely loves galloping around the X-Country course – not quite as much as stealing Imogen's human food though. He's quite partial to sharing a packet of her crisps. 😀

Bizz was a super model and he and Imogen make a very cute pair, as I'm sure you will agree.


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