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Lois and Dylan

Lois and Dylan were my last shoot of 2018, and what a beautiful pair they are! 😍

Dylan is 17 years old and Lois has owned him for the past two years. Dylan was a former hunt/show horse. Lois has re-schooled him to side-saddle. How amazing is that!

Their biggest achievements this year have been winning the Intermediate Equitation and Turnout class and also the Dressage to music at this year's National Side Saddle show, closely followed by winning the Veteran class at the Kent County Show. They are an unstoppable team that’s for sure.

Whilst speaking with Lois, she mentioned that she may not be able to get her arms in certain positions as she has Fibromyalgia and Muscular Dystroph. She also has Chronic Pain Issues with arm movement, due to muscle weakness, which causes her limitations. Lois is always in some amount of pain, but seeing and riding Dylan everyday really gives her something to work towards, and I found her a true inspiration. Dylan is great with Lois and they are certainly meant to be a partnership. Lois determination is truly inspirational. 💪

Lois has big plans for the future, she wants to follow the SSADL pathway to Olympia with Dylan. At the rate these two are going, it’s sure to happen, and I cant wait to see them at Olympia.

:) I will certainly be in the crowd cheering them on. 🙌

This was a fab shoot to finish the year on. So much love and trust between these two.


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