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Lusitano heaven

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Olivia. Olivia booked a shoot with me, paid the deposit and then I got a message from her friend Claire, saying she would pay for rest of the shoot as a gift for Olivia, how amazing is that? We all need a friend like Claire!

They have been friends since they were eleven years old, and it was great that Claire was there to be involved in the shoot.


Olivia is also a photographer, and has hundreds of photos of her Lusitano horses at liberty, but obviously us photographers can't take photos of ourselves, except the famous selfie of course 😉, so I was booked in to come and capture some beautiful memories for her. 😀

The shoot was all about the very beautiful Xaile, (the grey). Xaile is that one horse to Olivia who is her best friend, and she cannot imagine life without him. He is fifteen years old and has been with Olivia for the past ten years, and this is his home for life.

Xaile was sadly diagonsed with navicular, not that you would know it, he looks amazing! Between the vet, farrier, and 5 star home care, Olivia has managed to keep Xaile comfortable and sound, to the point where he even won a medium dressage test the other week. This was a goal of Olivia’s, and she was truly over the moon to achieve this with her horse of a lifetime.

Xaile is a real character, and such a little sweetie, but I have to say the most slobbery horse I have had the pleasure of meeting – I think we were all covered in green slime by the end of the shoot. 😀

Of course, we couldn't miss out the other two. The bay is five years old and called Illuminato, and he is absolutely stunning! The other cheeky chap is Lancelot, he is a three year old. Olivia has known him since he was a foal, and resisted buying him for two years, but finally succumbed a year ago and bought him because he is just so damn pretty!

Truly wonderful shoot, and was lovely to celebrate Xaile winning his test. There is so much love for this little horse and I'm so happy I could capture this on camera for you Olivia.


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