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My Photography Style

My style of photography is very natural and artistic, genuine moments are more significent than ones that are created. They tell the true story with real emotions.  I take a personal approach to each individual commission, finding out the types of images you would love to capture, creating a bespoke collection of timeless images for you. I use the natural light and environment to compliment my subjects, capturing those special moments, so they can be re-lived for years to come.

I tend to make up my own rules when I photograph and do not often shoot generic full-body photos of a person standing with a horse or child with a big cheesy grin. Personally, I believe a portrait should portray more than just a smile. 

I love an unusual angle that no-one else sees, because I feel this shows emotion and feeling between the subjects. 

My job as your photographer, is capture the love, tenderness and trust, in a raw and unique way. Sometimes, to do this, you only need to see part of the subject to heighten this emotion. This allows you, the viewer, to fill in the gaps - almost like putting a story together, where everyone’s ending will be different as we all view the world differently.

I love to see real emotion and expression in an image, even a child crying is a beautiful and endearing moment on camera (not so much in real life perhaps!). But life through the lens is totally different, every emotion is heightened and beautiful in it's own right.

Anyone can take a photo of someone looking directly at the camera smiling, which is your generic type of photo. It is my job to capture the moments between the moments, that no one else see's, and capture deeply moving images for you.

“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” ―Elliot Erwitt


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