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Rebecca Bell Dressage

A few weeks ago, I went to meet the lovely Rebecca Bell Dressage at her home, and I have to admit, I had total yard envy. I didn’t want to leave! :) Rebecca is a highly successful young dressage rider, based in Oxfordshire. She is a European Pony team bronze and silver medalist, and in 2015 she was part of the first British team in history to win a team Gold medal at any Youth European Dressage Championship! I won't list all of Rebecca's achievements as it's quite a long list, but you get my drift, she is a pretty amazing rider. Rebecca told me that she never intended to complete dressage. Her pony Ollie is to blame for this as he refused to jump, so she was forced to try dressage, which worked out pretty well for her. ;) Ollie is a little Welsh Section A and still at the yard. He is super cute and loved having his photo taken. He shares his paddock with Norman, who, from what I'm told, is a very naughty miniature pony.

Rebecca has three horses she is bringing on and all hold exciting prospects for the future. Otto, the chestnut, who is six years old and was bought over from Germany, has been with the family for two years, and is at Novice. He’s being bought on nice and slowly as he is such a big lad, now. He may be the youngest, but he was, without doubt, the best behaved on the photoshoot. Super chilled and a very easy model. Model of the day goes to Otto! Jimmy, who is nine years old, has been with the family for two years. He is starting to learn PSG movements, again I love how Rebecca takes her time with all her horses, there is no rush. Rebecca told me Jimmy is a worrier and he really needs his hand held, so it's just a case of building trust and helping him become more confident.

Now the main reason I was here, was to photograph the star of the show Una. Una is an eleven year old mare. Rebecca has owned her for four years and she is out competing very successfully at PSG, coming second to Charlotte Dujarden at Addington High profile. Go Una! Rebecca was telling me that when at home Una can learn a movement and then the next day it's gone. But every single time they step in that arena, she has never once let her down. Rebecca said she just thrives on having an audience and if she was human she would almost certainly be a pop star. Una was a tricky model, she had real ants in her pants, and she would quite often put her head in front of Rebecca just to remind us all that she is was star of the show. Una you're a true dressage diva, and I really hope to see this amazing pair at the Olympics one day.


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