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Seven reasons to book a spring/summer shoot

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

With Summer literally at our doorstep, I thought it was about time, I gave you some great reasons why you should book a Summer photoshoot.

1. Horse's coats are at their best - all nice and shiny

2. The fields and woodland are finally dry, so no more wadding through mud and puddles in wellies (well hopefully not)

3. You get beautiful hazy light that creates dreamy images (my favourite kind)

4. You get to wear pretty summer dresses, and use fab accessories like flowers

5. The flowers come into bloom, and everything is nice and green, making pretty backdrops for your images

6. Everyone is happier in summer, thats just fact!

7. There is no time like the present, unfortuntaley our pets don't live forever, so having beautiful photographs to remember them by is a must. No one ever regrets having a photoshoot, but I have had people who wish they had taken the plunge instead of leaving it too late.


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