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Ten Good Reasons to Have a Winter Shoot ☃️

1. You get amazing dewy mist rising from the grass on cold mornings, which creates such an atmospheric feel to the images. Everybody loves to see steam coming from the horse’s nostrils.

2. The light in a winter sunset is so powerful and vivid. The oranges and pinks create an amazing backdrop to your image. 🌅

3. The light in winter is much softer and more flattering than the hard mid-day summer sun, so there will be no squinting, as the winter light is bright but not glaring, which is perfect for photography and gives a lovely warm glow to the skin. 🌤

4. Amazing accessories, such as fur coats, scarfs, shawls, boot cuffs, and layers look amazing in images creating texture. Hats really frame the face creating a cosy, wintery feel to your photos. 🧤

5. Fluffy ponies look extra cute. 😍

6. There are no pesky flies. 👌

7. Snow! If you are really lucky to get snow and live local to me, we can have a snowy photoshoot. Frost also looks beautiful in images as it can look almost like glitter. ☃️

8. Winter has a magical feel. ✨

9. The skies are amazing at this time of year, either with the low hazy sun or dark stormy skies. 😍

10. Lastly, there is no time like the present. Unfortunately horses and dogs don’t live forever and the time will eventually come when you have to say goodbye to your best friend. It’s around this time that you will wish you had some photos taken. You will never hear someone say “I really regret having some professional photos taken”. You are more likely to hear “I really wish I had some amazing photos taken to cherish and remember forever”. 💔


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