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The Kent County Show

As some of you may be aware, I had a trade stand at the Kent County show last weekend. This is the first time I have ever advertised in this way, as most of my clients come through social media, so it was quite daunting to be in front of real people. But after a couple of hours I was well in to the swing of it, and met some amazing people.

Throughout the whole of the show weekend, it was 35 degree heat, and pretty unbearable. Plus, I'm a redhead, so standing in the sun all day is pretty tough going. If you popped down to see me and I wasn't in my stand, I was more than likely collapsed round the back in the shade, in some kind of weird sun delirium. Haha 

I did manage to nip off every so often and get some photos of the horses (it would be rude not to). If I'm honest, event photography isn't really my bag, and not the road I'm heading down, but it was great for me to try and just have some fun with it.

I loved photographing all the showing classes, the turn out was incredible and I want them all as future clients!

The side saddle was just beautiful to watch. I can barely stay on a horse with both legs wrapped round, so hats off to the amazing ladies who ride like this, and make it look so elegant and effortless.

I really enjoyed the show jumping and managed to photograph my friend Darren riding his gorgeous grey JoJo. Pablo used to be stabled opposite JoJo, and he is the sweetest horse ever, and just look how white he was!

Got a lovely shot of Tim Stockdale jumping his grey.

Mister Belstaff

My trade stand neighbour Charlotte from Equissage UK was fab, I found it's vital to have a great neighbour at these events, especially when you need a toilet break, or just to moan about how damn hot you are! We wondered over to watch one of her clients, Brett McKinnon show team, win the Maxi Cobs class with the uber handsome Mister Belstaff, meaning he has qualified for HOYS this year.  Woop Woop!

Adam Ellery from Westcountry Sports-Horses flying round the course.

I had a little helper for a couple of hours, Jessie was amazing at handing out flyers, or hand flyers as he called them! Put them to work round I say ;) Anyone thinking of having a trade stand needs to employ him!

I met some really lovely people, who I will hopefully be photographing in the future, which is exciting.

I throughly enjoyed my long awaited G&T from The Gin Hand. I am a massive gin lover for those of you who don't know. 😉


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