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The power of a printed photo 💞

The world we live in today is all social media and the latest iPhones, meaning we are all guilty of not printing images as much as we should. Here are a few reasons why I think you should have printed images:

🌟 It brings them to life. To be able to physically touch something makes it real and triggers memories and happy thoughts. All the time you have an image saved on your phone on computer, it's just a file. It needs to be printed to become a photo, and I'm not just talking about professional photos, even the everyday ones that you take on your phone, they are all memories to be documented. It's hard to ignore a photo when its mounted on the wall.

🌟 Memories and making history. Having an image printed and framed or making an album for someone, is, in my eyes, one of the most sentimental gifts you can give someone. Phones and hard drives will die or break, but prints and albums will be picked up in years to come, maybe even passed down to further generations where they can be loved and have their story told, help make history people!

🌟 Life is fleeting. The sad fact is that us as humans and our pets do not life forever, we unfortunately lose loved ones, and when that happens we cherish and treasure the photos we have of them. Digital files can never be as secure as something you can hold, I would urge you have both if you can, but print is always the first option.

🌟 Photography is amazing. We all take for granted taking a photo, whether it be on a phone or a camera. The fact that we can freeze a second in time and then have it printed to keep for our whole life, is pretty damn unbelievable! Having a visual reminder of a specific memory is heartwarming and inspiring.

No more excuses, print your photos and bring them to life. 😘


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