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Why a horse is better than a man

I thought I'd get away with this blog seeing as most of my followers are women. :) If you are a man I suggest you stop reading now!

1. Horse's smell better

2. Horse's don't go bald

3. You can geld them if they become too much to handle (I told you to stop reading)

4. You can sell them if it doesn't work out

5. No backchat

6. You don't have to dress to impress with your horse

7. Their farts are easier to put up with

8. You won't have to have dinner with their in-laws

9. Your horse won't leave you for a younger rider

10. You won't be judged for having more than one

11. Horse's don't leave their pants at the top of the stairs

12. They don't leave the toliet seat up

13. They don't hog the remote control

14. You won't have to share your bed with a horse, and put up with their snoring

15. Horse's don't spend all their time in the pub

16. No cancelled plains or dissapointment

17. Horse's don't like football

18. They are better kissers

I think we have summed it up girls, ditch the men and marry a horse, happy days :)


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