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Why you should have an Autumn shoot!

We are now in September, so I thought it was the perfect time to give you some examples of why Autumn is my favourite time of year, to photograph you and your horse.

  1. The colours in the autumn months are so rich and vibrant in colour, with all the oranges, reds, yellows and browns, it really is simply stunning. The ground and grass gets a dewy glow giving a real magical feel to the image. Crispy leaves, and trees covered in red berries, what more could you want.

  2. An autumn sunset is so powerful and vivid. The oranges and pinks create an amazing backdrop to your image.

  3. The light in autumn is always so warm and inviting, when it filters through the woodland, it is simply beautiful.

  4. Autumn is flattering as the light is much softer, and gives a warm golden glow to the skin, rather than the harsh mid-day summer sun, so there will be no squinting either. Plus your make-up won't just slide off :)

  5. Misty golden mornings are my absolute favourite, with the mist rising from the grass and steam coming from the horse’s nostrils, it looks so atmospheric.

  6. Horse's are looking amazing from summer time fun, and lots of riding.

  7. The pesky flies are all gone!

  8. The weather is still warm enough to wear a dress, but you can swap to a cosy winter look for the end of the shoot, giving great variety to your gallery.

  9. Autumn accessories are a must, and the list is endless, shawls, capes, scarfs, boot cuffs, hats and gloves. Furs look absolutely amazing on camera (of the fake kind obviously!).

  10. Moody skies, remember for an amazing sunset you need clouds, these look totally amazing in photos.

If you are thinking about booking an autumnal photo shoot, feel free to drop me a message :)


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