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Summer photography is always a winner. The warm sun pours over the fields and trickles onto woodland paths, creating a magical ambience that's so unique to this season.

Have you noticed your horse or dog is happier this time of year? And chances are, so are you! 

What better way to capture your horse or dog's spirit than when they feel most like themselves?

Summer photoshoots create authentic and heartwarming images that reflect their unique character.

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Helen & Summer


Sophie quite simply made my dreams come true! I adore the fairytale aspect to her photos and wanted a shoot with her for ages and now I’ve had one I want another.

If you’re wondering about doing a shoot my advice is book right now!

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Why Spring/Summer 
shoots are perfect...

1. The flowers come into bloom, making pretty backdrops for your images

2. Fields and woodlands are finally dry, no more wading through mud and puddles!

3. Everyone's happier in spring and summer, fact!

4. Horses' coats are at their best - nice and glossy. 

5. Amber Hues - Summer skies create warming hues of gold and amber, illuminating your horse's mane and colours in such a mesmerising way. This adds a touch of romance to your photos

6. You get to wear pretty summer dresses, and use fab accessories like flowers

7. Golden Hour Magic, summer evenings are a photographer's dream, especially during the "golden hour", the time just before sunset when the light is soft and warm, casting a breathtaking golden glow over everything
This ethereal light is perfect for capturing stunning and flattering portraits.

8. There is no time like the present, sadly our precious pets don't live forever, so having beautiful photographs to remember them by is a must. No one ever regrets having a photoshoot, but I have had people who wish they had taken the plunge instead of leaving it too late so let's get a date in the diary!

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 What you get

1. To spend quality time with your horse or dog - this a no brainer

2. Heartbursting memories to last a lifetime which you can  look back on in years to come

3. Something to look forward to, and get excited about

4. A fun and unforgettable experience which you will always remember. I'm all about creating memories

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"But I don't like posing for photos."

Perfect! All my photography is very natural, and focuses on capturing the love, trust and harmony between you and your horse or dog. The shoot is very relaxed and informal. I will give you direction along the way, whilst generally chattaring away to you. You will hardly notice I'm taking photos.

The best part is I know all the flattering angles, and perfect light, to give you a gorgeous glow.

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My promise to you is...

To capture the moments between the moments, the moments that no one else sees, creating deeply moving images for you.

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Save the date

Let's save a date to have your dream summer photoshoot, once it's in the diary you can start counting down the days.


 The packages start from just:



Travel charges may apply. 

Meet your photographer...


Hi I'm Sophie and I'm the girl behind the lens and I'm here to become your very own personal storyteller, but first here's a little about me.

I'm a lover of the outdoors, I’d rather be out exploring a new (uncharted) trail with my dog Spudd, than going out for drinks or a fancy meal.

I'm a sunset chaser, and I get excited about dreamy light, pink skies and the magic of nature. 

I can't wait to meet you and capture beautiful images for you!

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I promise you won't regret this experience, in fact I promise you will love it!

I would like photos of:

Thanks for submitting!

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